The Many Ways to Pay Using Your Varsity Digital Wallet

Today, there are more ways than ever to use your Varsity Digital Wallet to pay for goods and services. The one you choose often depends on where you are shopping, dining or conducting business and your readiness to embrace technology that is designed to create faster and safer transactions for you.

Someone paying for a meal using a mobile phone

More About Your Digital Wallet

  • In simple terms, a digital wallet is an electronic version of your physical wallet you carry. It stores your payment information in an online account. When you are making a purchase, you can use your digital wallet from your mobile device to provide information instead of presenting the card each time.
  • Here is how it works. If you decide to add your debit card number to a mobile device or digital wallet, our debit card provider, Visa, will issue a “token” or digital account number behind the scenes. Then when you initiate transactions with a mobile device, using this “token” or digital account number, not your debit card number, will be used to process the transaction, just like a traditional debit card payment. Because the “token” doesn’t carry your debit card number, you are less likely to become a victim of fraudulent activity.

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